Getting the right English course to help you succeed

Getting the right English Course

Which English course is right for me?

One of the keys to making good progress is choosing the right English course.
But this can be difficult when schools offer so many different courses.
Below we outline some of the most popular courses in our partner schools.

If you want more information on the best English course for you, then we will be happy to talk to you.

General English courses

Our most popular English language course.
These language courses are the base of all language learning.
‘General’ language course help you learn the language you will need to visit or live in a country. This is the language you need every day, to speak to local people, to watch TV and read to newspapers.

How are they organised?

  • Classes usually have a maximum of 12 students (14 in some schools).
  • There are 3 or 4 lessons in the morning. You will learn new language and practise speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • In the afternoon, you will be free for sightseeing and other activities. The school will organise activities to help you discover the area.
  • Some students want to learn more quickly. They can take extra lessons in the afternoon.

Cambridge English Examination Courses

All our schools prepare language exams. These are recognised around the world.
Preparing an exam keeps you focused on your learning and can be very motivating.
For people who need an official certificate of their level, then one of these courses is ideal.

Our schools offer Cambridge exams:

  • First Certificate in English
  • CAE
  • Cambridge Proficiency English.

Study year English programmes

All schools run study year programmes to help students make steady progress for university or work.
These courses usually have reduced fees.

IELTS test preparation and Academic English

This is the most popular course for young adults.
Crossroads UK partner schools have a great experience of IELTS preparation courses.
The IELTS is the course you will need to show your English level if you want to do a university course in the UK or other English-speak courses.
Some of our partners specialise in IELTS preparation and are also IELTS test centres.
You can also take academic English and develop your study skills, such as note-taking, essay and report writing.

Business English Courses/specialist professional courses

These are available in most of our partner schools.
Business English, specialist English courses are available for both experienced professionals and young professionals.
Lessons are given by specialist teachers with a background in business.
Classes are usually in small groups or one to one.
Many courses are tailor made to the group.
Specialist courses include:

  • Legal English
  • Banking and finance
  • Medical English
  • English for the Oil and Gas industry
  • Aeronautical English

Contact us for more information.

One to One courses

You have your own private teacher.
The programme covers exactly what you need.
This is particularly useful if you want to make fast progress and need specific English.

Mature students

These are special programmes for the over 40s and Over 50s.
You can combine English with tourism and culture.
They are for people who prefer to study and socialise with people of a similar age.

Choose an English course for Over 50s.

How do I get advice on a course?

You can use a form on the website, or write directly to Crossroads Languages director at:

You will always have your reply within 48 hours.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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