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How to prepare for IELTS – 5 official sites for IELTS practice

So much free material to help you practice IELTS or take our course for IELTS online!

There is an incredible amount of excellent material for IELTS practice on the web for students who want to work at home to prepare the test.

First – the official sites  ….…

  • – the British Council and Cambridge are the first place to look for free material for IELTS practice online.
  • Take IELTS (British Council)
  • Or you can do a course with the British Council’s and Clarity’s Road to IELTS.
  • A great free online IELTS practice course that I did to try it out: Understanding IELTS
  • Or an online course from Cambridge and Future Learn, Inside IELTS.

Then 5 of my favourite IELTS practice sites run by IELTS teachers and examiners.

Lots of help here too and for some you can subscribe to get new lessons sent by email.

  • My favourite IELTS practice site is: It’s well organised, has lots of examples and I find that the information is good. She also has some YouTube videos which are very helpful.
  • I also like the new Flo Joe Ielts speaking site: where you can lots of free exercises to improve your IELTS speaking. One part of the site I find really useful is the test section where you can listen to candidates doing the text and hear the advice to improve their performance.
  • International House London – where many IELTS tests are taken has a good blog page with lots of useful tips for improving your score :
  • DC Cole has some good information for IELTS practice. Everything seems to be free and he has lots of tips and examples for writing. His Facebook page is a good place to start:
  • Finally, another well organised site with lots of useful information is

Good luck to everyone preparing the IELTS test.

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