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london-ielts - language courses

Study in London IELTS

IELTS London - Choose one of the largest centres for an IELTS preparation course.

Our IELTS London school and test centre is one of the oldest and most respected English schools.
Enjoy being in the centre of London.
Choose a 4 or 8 week course.
With our IELTS London school, you can do a course and then take your test in the same centre.

London IELTS (1)
ielts-newcastle - language courses

Study in Newcastle

IELTS Newcastle - an academic IELTS course in a top UK school.

Get an excellent IELTS course with a great price.

Do an IELTS course and take your test in the same school.

Combine an academic English programme with an IELTS preparation course.


Newcastle (1)
bristol-ielts - language courses

Study in Bristol

Excellent school – perfect choice for IELTS

Our Bristol partner school is constantly in the UK's top two English language schools.
Intensive IELTS gives you 21 hours of English for the IELTS test and academic study.
Great place to live – voted the best city in the UK.
Bristol airport has good flight connections, London is 2 hours away.

Bristol (1)
ielts-preparation-wimbledon - language courses

Study in Wimbledon

Prepare IELTS and discover London.

Our Wimbledon school is one of the top two English language schools in the UK
It is an IELTS test centre - take an IELTS course and your test in the same place.
Some of your teachers will be IELTS examiners.
Study just 15 minutes from the centre of London.
Great choice of accommodation - much within walking distance.

Wimbledon (4)
eastbourne-ielts - language courses

Study in Eastbourne

Eastbourne - very good value for money.

Prepare IELTS by the sea.
Do a quality intensive 4-week IELTS preparation course with the IELTS test the following day.
Eastbourne is only 90 minutes from London and close to Gatwick.
Live in a city with almost 3,000 university students.
Great accommodation close to the school.

Eastbourne (1)
portsmouth-ielts - language courses

Study in Portsmouth

Prepare IELTS with a specialist school

Portsmouth is a lively student town by the sea.
Our partner school is a top British Council UK English school.
It is an official IELTS test centre. Study and take the test in the same place.
The course is led by an IELTS book writer.
The school runs IELTS preparation courses for the University of Portsmouth.
Prices are very competitive.

Portsmouth (1)
brighton - language courses

Study in Brighton

Brighton - an IELTS course in a lively city by the sea.

Brighton is a great choice for an IELTS course just 70 minutes from London.
The school is rated excellent.
It has a 4-week academic IELTS course every month with the official IELTS test on the last Saturday.

Brighton (1)
ielts-liverpool - language courses

Study in Liverpool

Prepare IELTS and discover Liverpool

A great city to explore and prepare the IELTS test.
Get the IELTS score you need: choose from 6 hours per week or combine IELTS with more English.
Excellent teaching. Well qualified, supportive IELTS preparation teachers.
Great value for money for both the IELTS preparation course and city living.

Liverpool (1)
ielts-preparation-oxford - language courses

Study in Oxford

Oxford - a great place to do IELTS!

What better place to do an IELTS preparation course than Oxford!
Our Oxford partner offers an excellent IELTS exam prep course with advice for your university application.
Get the IELTS score and help you need for university.

Oxford (1)
york-ielts - language courses

Study in York

IELTS – prepare and take your IELTS test in York

Our partner is a top British Council school.
It is one of the largest IELTS exam centres in the UK.
York is a lively student city and one of the most popular tourist cities in the UK.
Life is cheaper in York than in the south.

York (1)
broadstairs-ielts - language courses

Study in Broadstairs

Excellent IELTS and British University Preparation in Broadstairs, Kent

Our partner college has been preparing students for British universities since 1979.
It is classed a Centre of Excellence based on its British Council inspection.
Choose from IELTS exam preparation + academic English or IELTS preparation and general English.

Broadstairs (1)

Study in Your Home

Improve your IELTS band score with IELTS online preparation

Choose between 2 IELTS online courses:
a, work with an IELTS tutor to help in speaking and writing
b, work through the IELTS online course alone.
Great value!

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