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Language courses around the world - let us help you to get the course you need and you to enjoy your time in a new country.

More than 30 years’ experience working with language courses around the world.

We use our experience to help you get the language course you need to learn English or another language.

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What is Crossroads Languages?

  • Crossroads Languages is a small, independent agency for language learning.
  • We give free, personal advice to find you English courses in the UK and Ireland
  • We also help you find the perfect language course to learn other language abroad: Spanish, French, Italian, German………..
  • We look after all the planning and support you through your project.

Why Crossroads Languages?

  • We have many years’ experience working on English courses and running English schools around the world.
  • Irene Cros, our director, is a highly qualified English language teacher and a trained, certified British Council Educational Agent.
  • She works with you to prepare your project and find the best language courses to suit your goals.
  • All our help is free. You never pay more than the school’s published prices.
Our quality partners
  • Our partner English language schools are carefully selected from among the best British Council accredited schools in the UK or ACELS schools in Ireland.
  • Many of our partners are Centres of Excellence based on their British Council inspections.
  • They are in the top 10% of English language schools in the UK. Some are the very best!
  • The British Council inspects and grades all areas of the school, the English courses, the teachers, the care of the students, the activities outside class and the accommodation
We select our language courses for other languages with the same care.
Contact us. We will be happy to help you find the best English courses, or any other language course.
Study at a UK university or college

Study at a UK university or college

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Irene Cros - our director has been working in English language teaching and teacher training for over 30 years.

Learn how this experience can help you.

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