Take Cambridge exams to get the English qualification you need.

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Why take a Cambridge exam course in a Crossroads Languages’ partner school?

Our UK English school partners are Centres of Excellence based on their British Council inspection, or are classed ‘excellent’ in their teaching.

You will follow a dedicated Cambridge exams preparation course at your level:

Students in a class for Cambridge English exams are all very motivated, you will all work to get the best score in your exam.

There is a good choice of start dates.

Although most courses for Cambridge exams have fixed dates, it is often possible to join the course a few weeks after the start date when the course is 10 or 13 weeks.

Contact us if you have any questions about start dates.

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Study in Wimbledon Cambridge exams

Aim for success - prepare for your Cambridge exam in Wimbledon, London.

Take a Cambridge exam course in one of the UK's very best schools.
Do your preparation course and take the exam in the same place.
Study on a full-time dedicated Cambridge exam course.

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Study in Cambridge Exams - Bristol

Cambridge Exam courses in Bristol

Get the Cambridge course you need to pass your Cambridge exam.
Take a dedicated Cambridge exam class in one of the UK's best schools.
Flexible start dates.

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