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Spanish courses in Seville

Learn Spanish in Seville in one of Spain’s top Spanish Language schools

Our Seville partner Spanish school has been teaching Spanish in international students for over 30 years and is one of the top Spanish language schools in Spain.

What we like about our Seville school:

  • Its location in the fabulous city of Seville with its great climate and friendly people.
  • The school’s reputation for excellent Spanish teaching.
  • Its approach – learn Spanish by doing…..
  • Tutorials to keep you on track with your Spanish learning.
  • Its great nationality mix, where you meet students from around the world.
  • University credits for your Spanish studies.
  • The schools exciting cultural programme to help you use your Spanish, discover the culture of Andalusia and enjoy life in Spain.

Learn Spanish in Seville – General Spanish courses

  • You will make real progress with a General Spanish intensive course both in speaking and writing.
  • Classes are in Spanish – you will speak Spanish to your teacher and fellow students.
  • Groups have a maximum of 10 students.
  • The school expects students to make good progress on a 4-week Spanish immersion course. You should improve your Spanish by half a level on the scale of European Framework level. That means that if you start as a B1 (intermediate) you should reach a B2 (higher intermediate) in 8 weeks.
    If you can only take a shorter course, then choose one of the more intensive Spanish courses to make maximum progress and feel more confident.
  • The school offers a wide range of general Spanish courses so that you always find yourself with students of your level.
You can choose from 20, 25 or 30 lessons of 50 minutes per week.
*Schedule 9:15 to 13:00 (20 lessons), 09:15 to 14:20 (25 lessons) and 09:15 to 15:10 (30 lessons)
A 30-lesson per week Spanish course is specially recommended for short courses. You will study 4 morning (in groups of 5-10) and 2 afternoon lessons (in groups of maximum 5 to 8 students).

Course prices

General Spanish Courses in Seville, Spain 2017

Books are not included, they are approximately 20 euros

20 lessons per week. 1 Lesson is 50 minutes

1 week –   190 euros
4 weeks – 720 euros
8 weeks – 1,400 euros
12 weeks – 1,980 euros

25 lessons per week. 1 Lesson is 50 minutes

1 week – 235 euros
4 weeks – 860 euros
8 weeks – 1,720 euros
12 weeks – 2,380 euros

30 lessons per week. 1 Lesson is 50 minutes

1 week – 280 euros
4 weeks – 1040 euros
8 weeks – 2080 euros
12 weeks – 3120 euros


Saturday to Sunday

Host Family

Bed and Breakfast: 170 euros per week
Half Board: 200 per week
Full Board: 240 per week

Self catering from 130 euros per week.




About this course

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    General Spanish Courses

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Important facts

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    From 1 week

  • Minimum age


  • Number of lessons (per week)

    20, 25 or 30 lessons of 50 minutes per week

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  • Maximum class size


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