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Intensive English Course – Oxford

Choose an intensive English course in our Oxford school to make quick progress.

Our Oxford school is one of the top three English schools in England. You can do an intensive English course to help you reach your goals all year round.

  • What is an Intensive English Course?

Intensive English courses are the schools most popular courses.

This is a full-time course with 21 hours a week of English.

On your intensive English course you study every morning and on 3 afternoons per week.

Cultural, social or sporting activities are also included in your course.

  • How long will I study?

You can choose study as many weeks as you need to reach the level you need.

The minimum enrolment is 2 weeks. Most students study between 2 and 12 weeks, but some students choose long term courses and study for 44 weeks.

  • When can I start?

In the summer, there are fixed start dates for your course, but during the year you can start an intensive English course on most Mondays except when it is a school holiday.

You can choose the date you want to start and the number of weeks you want to study.

All beginners must start on fixed dates.

  • Which level class will I be in?

You will be in a class with students of your level.

On your first day, you will have a written test and interview. This will show the teachers your level of English.

You may join an existing class. The experienced make sure this is easy for you and you are in a friendly, positive learning atmosphere.

If you are a level B1 land above and are studying on an Intensive English course, for a minimum of 4 weeks from September to June you can prepare the internationally recognised English exams. You can choose IELTS or the Cambridge exams.

  • Organisation

All student have morning classes from 9.15am to 1pm.

Afternoon classes start at 2pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and finish at 4pm.
You can choose General English activities to help you make more progress, or you can prepare a Cambridge exam or the IELTS.

  • Your English lessons have a wide variety of interactive activities.
  • You will practise grammar and new vocabulary in a relaxed, supportive environment.
  • You will receive personal attention; your teachers plan their lessons carefully to suit the needs and interests of their students.

Course prices

Enrolment fee: £75

Start dates, most Mondays
Beginners (Level A1) must start on January 8, April 9, July 2, July 30 or September 24, 2018.

Summer courses start July 2, July 23, July 30 or August 13.

If you want to start on other dates, this may be possible. Please contact us.


2 weeks or more, the fees per week are £295
5 weeks or more, the fees per week are £280
10 weeks or more, the fees per week are £270
13 weeks or more, the fees per week are £260
24 weeks or more, the fees per week are £250
35 weeks or more, the fees per week are £240.


About this course

  • Language


  • For

    General English Courses

  • Location


Important facts

  • Duration

    2 weeks minimum

  • Minimum age


  • Number of lessons (per week)


  • Level

    Beginner to Advanced

  • Maximum class size

    12, average 8

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