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IELTS Preparation York

Do your IELTS Preparation and take the test in the York IELTS test centre

Our York school for IELTS preparation is also one of the biggest IELTS test centres in the north.

You can do your IELTS preparation in the York school then take your IELTS exam in the same location.

IELTS Preparation in our York partner school is for students who already have a good level of English.

The course is designed to help you prepare and practice the IELTS exam with:

  •  work on IELTS test techniques
  • IELTS practice tests to become familiar with the exam format

IELTS preparation will help you get the best score in the IELTS test for your level of English.

If you need to improve your English level you should first take a General English course. This will help you to improve all your English skills

You can do IELTS preparation after your course.

IELTS Preparation

How will it be organised?

  • The IELTS course runs all year.
  • It is organised around two blocks of four weeks.
  • Lessons take place every afternoon from 15.30 -17.00 from Monday to Friday.
  • Students can join the course on any Monday when the course is running.

How long is a course for IELTS exam preparation?

  • The school recommends a maximum of four weeks’ exam
The school offers two courses for IELTS preparation.  Choose the course for your level.
  • IELTS Preparation – B1
    This is for intermediate and upper-intermediate students who need to get a band 6-7.5 on the IELTS test.
    The course runs on five afternoons each week and can be combined with our General English Course.
    You are guaranteed first choice exam date
  • IELTS Improvers – A2
    This IELTES Preparation course is for pre-intermediate and intermediate students who need to get a band 4-5.5 in their IELTS test.
    The IELTS course runs on five afternoons each week and can be added to the General English programmes.

Course prices

IELTS Preparation Prices 2017

IELTS Preparation & Improvements – £110 per week for 7.5 hours
A 7.5 hour IELTS Preparation course for upper-intermediate or IELTS Improvers course for pre-intermediate students.
1530 – 1700 Monday to Friday. One class of 90 minutes each day.
IELTS improvers does not run during the summer.

About this course

  • Language


  • For


  • Location


Important facts

  • Duration

    1 - 4 weeks

  • Minimum age


  • Number of lessons (per week)

    7 hours 30 minutes. Can be combined with 15-hour General English

  • Level

    B1 for the IELTS Preparation and A2 for IELTS Improvers

  • Maximum class size


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