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IELTS Preparation Oxford

Do your IELTS preparation in Oxford in a top UK language centre

When you choose our Oxford partner for your IELTS preparation, you will be studying in one of the British Council’s top language schools.

The school we work with for IELTS exam preparation is classed as excellent based on its British Council inspection. A guarantee of quality !

English and IELTS exam preparation

Key points:

  • IELTS exam preparation is for students who are Intermediate or above.
  • Minimum study time is 4 weeks.
  • The school will advise you on the best combination of General English and IELTS preparation.
  • Usually students take General English classes in the morning and IELTS preparation classes in the afternoon.
  • Exam preparation is subject to availability.

You can take the IELTS test in Oxford every month.

The English and IELTS Exam Preparation includes:
  • grammar and how to use it in authentic situations
  • speaking skills
  • writing skills, both formal and informal
  • reading and listening skills
  • building up your vocabulary
  • familiarisation with the IELTS exam
  • techniques for answering IELTS exam questions
  • practice exams and interviews

If you do not have an intermediate level, you can study Intensive General English before starting IELTS preparation.

IELTS Course content:
  • Lessons are dynamic and demanding with experienced teachers to motivate you to achieve success.
  • The course also covers practice exams, including speaking.
  • Individual tutorials help you with your personal study programme.

The school offers help for further education in the UK. They have been working with universities for many years and will help with university applications and arranging campus tours or interviews with department tutors.

Course Start
Any Monday. (Except School Holidays: January 2, April 14 – 17, May 1, May 29, December 18 – January 5, 2018.)

There is no IELTS preparation in July and August.

Course Length
You can study for 4 – 9 weeks. The minimum enrolment is 4 weeks.

If you want to follow an Intensive General English course for 10 weeks or more, contact us for dates and prices.

Course prices

English and IELTS exam preparation

Course Fees
If you study for:

4 weeks, the fees per week are £295
5 weeks or more, the fees per week are £280.
If you want to study for 10 weeks or more, contact us

In addition to your tuition fees, you must pay

  • the enrolment fee of £75
  • a visa documentation fee of £25
  • bank charges of £25

Exam Fees
IELTS: £160 – SELT: £205
Exam Dates
You can take IELTS in Oxford every month. You can take SELT in London every month.

About this course

  • Language


  • For


  • Location


Important facts

  • Duration

    4 weeks +

  • Minimum age


  • Number of lessons (per week)

    21 hours' tuition + weekly cultural / social / sporting activities.

  • Level

    Intermediate + (B1)

  • Maximum class size

    12, average 8

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