English for teens - live with a family or in a residence

Choosing an English language course for your teen

English for teens – which is better? A family or a residence?

When you choose an English for teens programme you will have to decide if you want your teen to live with a family or live in a residence with other students.

But all our summer English for teens programmes will give your child a great experience.

These programmes are organised by some of the best British Council schools in the UK (based on their inspection).

At Crossroads Languages we choose our English for teens courses carefully. We want to be sure your child:

  • is in a safe environment
  • enjoys learning English
  • makes good progress and will be motivated to continue improving
  • is well looked after in a family or in a boarding school
  • make good friend from around the world
  • has fun inside and outside the classroom

The British Council

The British Council inspects all accredited schools and residences in the UK that offer English for teens.

They inspect:

  • English teaching
  • The content and organisation of the English for teens programme
  • Free time activities
  • Care and supervision (all adults are police checked)
  • Accommodation
  • Travel arrangements between the school and the airport

In all the teen programmes the young students will:

  • Be in a small group – maximum of 14 per class
  • Be with students of the same level
  • Be in an international group
  • Have a qualified, experienced native speaker teacher
  • Be in a friendly, caring environment

Live with a Host Family

Your child will live with a local family and travel to school everyday. The English for teens programme includes classroom lessons, and activities such as sports, drama, cultural events, visits. there are some evening activities, but students also spend time with the family.

Host family – strong points:

  • Living with a family is often cheaper.
  • Your teenager will experience British culture.
  • He/she will take part in family life.
  • It provides more opportunity to use and continue improving English.

On the other side:

  • Your teen will have to travel between family and school, but students are usually in pairs.
  • There is more freedom so your child needs to be responsible.
  • There are usually fewer organised activities, but the children spend more time with the English-speaking family.

Live in a boarding school

When you choose a residence, the English for teens programme will usually take place in a British Boarding school. Your child with be supervised 24/24.

Boarding schools – strong points:

  • There is opportunity to experience some of the most exclusive private schools in the UK.
  • There are often superb buildings, grounds and sports facilities
  • Some activities are with professional coaches (horse-riding, tennis, rugby etc.)
  • The English for teens programme is a full-time programme of activities and visits
  • The school offers a safe, secure environment and 24 hour supervision.

On the other side:

  • Boarding schools are usually much more expensive.
  • Students have more opportunity to speak their own language with other children in the school.
  • There is no experience of British family life.

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