IELTS preparation course | IELTS Brighton - a 4-week course

IELTS preparation course

Take a 4-week IELTS preparation course with the IELTS test on the last day!

Why do an IELTS preparation course in our Brighton partner English school?

  • You can do a 4-week intensive IELTS course with the test on the last day. A great opportunity for busy students.
  • Our partner is a ‘Centre of Excellence’ – a top British Council school – so you’re sure you’ll have quality IELTS preparation.
  • Brighton is a great place – it’s a seaside city on the south coast, just a short train ride from London.
    It’s often called ‘London by the sea’ with top events in art, music, dance and drama.
  • You can be sure you will make good progress on the IELTS course, reach the score you need on the test and enjoy your time in Brighton.

The intensive 4-week IELTS course:

  • The 4-week IELTS course is available every month.
  • It covers all parts of the IELTS academic module.
  • You will have 25 or 30 lessons per week of IELTS preparation and academic English classes.
  • You will have IELTS practice examinations under authentic exam conditions.
  • Your teachers will give you regular tutorials with individual help and study advice
  • The official IELTS test is on the Saturday after the preparation course.
If you are planning to study for 24 weeks or more, the IELTS Preparation Course can be taken as part of our Study Year Programme.
When you take a course for IELTS in our Brighton school you can be sure of:
  • a friendly learning environment
  • IELTS preparation with experienced teachers
  • teachers who are often IELTS test examiners
  • small classes with a maximum of 12 students and mixed nationalities
  • a free service giving you advice and help for IELTS registration, university entrance and application
  • a varied programme of social activities and excursions
  • a Self-Study Centre with a wide range of IELTS test materials and past IELTS papers for practice

Go to our Advice page to get more information about IELTS.

Or try a practice IELTS test.

Course prices

IELTS Preparation Courses

Price and dates

  • full-time exam courses, Monday to Friday with the exam at the end of the course
  • all course books/materials and e-learning included (exam fees not included)

25 lessons per week (18.75 hours) = £1244
30 lessons per week (22.50 hours) = £1488

Registration fee: £90

The exam fee is not included in the course fees.
The exam fee in 2019 = £170 to 180
Results are usually available 2 weeks after the exam
The IELTS exam is usually held on the Saturday after the course.
Please contact Crossroads Languages for exact exam dates.

The test centre for the academic IELTS is usually in Brighton, but may be Eastbourne or London.
The test for the immigration: the nearest test centre for SELT IELTS is London or Portsmouth

Dates 2019:

7 January to 1 February

4 February to 1 March

11 March to 5 April

8 April to 3 May

6 May to 31 May

3 June to 28 June

1 July to 26 July

29 July to 23 August

2 September to 27 September

30 September to 25 October

4 November to 29 November



From £115 – room only
From £118 – bed and breakfast
From £147 – bed and breakfast with dinner
Student House From £170

About this course

  • Language


  • For


  • Location


Important facts

  • Duration

    4 weeks

  • Minimum age


  • Number of lessons (per week)

    25 (18.75 hours) or 30 (22.5 hours) f you do 30 lessons you will have 5 lessons of electives -

  • Level

    B1 to C1

  • Maximum class size


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