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IELTS Course Liverpool

Do an IELTS course in Liverpool and get quality IELTS preparation at a great price!

Why do your IELTS course in our Liverpool school?

  • It offers a very competitive price – just £60 for 8 hours IELTS preparation per week!
  • Liverpool has a student population of around 70,000 – it’s one of UK’s favourite student cities.
  • The city offers cheap living and tons of culture and student nightlife.
  • It’s the home of the fabulous Beatles and an exciting music scene.
  • The new school is bright and welcoming. You’ll love doing your IELTS course there.

You can choose from 2 IELTS courses – depending on your level

  • 6-hour IELTS preparation course
    • This IELTS course focuses only on test preparation.
    • It is for you if you already have the required level of English.
    • You will have four IELTS lessons of 1.5 hours per week.
    • The IELTS lessons will give you a wide range of strategies to help you reach your required score.
    • You will also develop your academic reading and writing and improve your speaking and listening.
    • All teachers are experienced in IELTS preparation.
  • 6-hour IELTS exam preparation course and general English
    • This IELTS course is for you if you need to improve all your English skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. .
    • It combines IELTS preparation course (above) and a General English course.
    • It will help you improve your English, be more confident and get a better score in the IELTS exam

For high level students, choose the six-hour IELTS preparation course.
For low level students, combine IELTS preparation with General English to help you improve all aspects of your English.

Course prices

6 hour IELTS Preparation

£80 per week

6 hour IELTS preparation with General English

From £205 per week.

  • 1- 4 weeks: £220 per week.
  • 5 – 10 weeks: £215 per week.
  • 11- 19 weeks: £210 per week.
  • 20 + weeks: £205 per week.

Additional charges

Book: £25

Registration: £45

About this course

  • Language


  • For


  • Location


Important facts

  • Duration

    From one week

  • Minimum age

    16 with parental permission. 18.

  • Number of lessons (per week)

    6 for IELTS (Monday to Thursday from 1pm to 2:30.) 21 for IELTS + General English (Monday to Friday.)

  • Level

    From B1

  • Maximum class size

    15 (This can go to 18 in very busy times.) Average outside summer 6-10

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