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Learn Spanish and do an internship in Spain to improve your job prospects

An international internship programme in Spain is a great opportunity to learn Spanish and gain the professional skills that will give your CV a boost!

As well as being a great way to learn Spanish, it gives you a unique opportunity to get to know professional life in Spain.

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Study in Barcelona Internship

Barcelona – an excellent place to learn Spanish and do an internship

Barcelona is one of the world’s most exciting cities and the top choice for many Spanish learners.
Take advantage of all the city has to offer by choosing Barcelona for your Spanish internship.
Available to EU students.

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Study in San Sebastian Internship

San Sebastian - an exciting city and great preparation for a Spanish internship

Choose San Sebastian for your internship in Spain.
Take 2 modules of business Spanish and interview preparation.
Full-time unpaid work-experience.
Programme for EU and non EU students.





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Study in Valencia

The beautiful port of Valencia is a great choice for a Spanish Internship

Open to all EU students.
Take an intensive Spanish course followed by a work placement.
Stay in the same accommodation.
Continue to enjoy the school's social activities.
A great boost for your Spanish and your CV.


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