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Prepare the Cambridge B2 First in London, Wimbledon – one of the UK’s very best language schools

Cambridge B2 First is one of the worlds most popular English exams. Choose our partner school in  Wimbledon to get quality preparation.

Why choose Cambridge courses in Wimbledon?

  • Our Wimbledon school is one of the top schools for Cambridge exam preparation in the UK.
  • You can take a Cambridge B2 First course throughout the year.
  • There are express exam courses in the summer. These are full-time courses with either 24 or 28 lessons of dedicated exam preparation.

On this course, you will:

  • Be in a dedicated class with other Cambridge students.
  • Focus on building exam strategies and techniques to reach a good score in the examination.
  • Do practice tests under test conditions with comments from your teacher on your performance.
  • Get up to 2 hours of homework each evening.

Summer Intensive exam course

  • The Intensive B2 First Course has 28 lessons – 23 hours and 20 minutes – per week.
  • The standard course is combined with an optional specialist class. You can choose from a list of options to help you get the best results in your exam Is this the right exam for you?

You can read more about Cambridge B2 First exams for international students here.

And download a table with the Cambridge exam levels.

Do you need to do an English level test to check your level?

Contact us if you want to check your English level  and et our advice on which Cambridge exam is for you.

Exam course for Cambridge C1 Advanced

Our London, Wimbledon school is one of the best two language schools in the UK. You can be sure of quality Cambridge Advanced English exam preparation.

The Wimbledon CAE preparation course has 24 lessons – 20 hours per week – of dedicated exam preparation. You will be with other students who are taking the advanced exam. This provides you with a motivating classroom atmosphere where everyone works hard to pass the exam.

  • Next course date: 11th Sep – 08th Dec (13 weeks) – Examination 7th -9th December

What will I do in my Cambridge Advanced English class?

You will:
  • study in a dedicated exam group for 20 hours per week: every morning, plus Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
  • study general English at an advanced level.
  • develop efficient Cambridge exam techniques and have exam practice, including practice tests under examination conditions
  • be encouraged to use the Study Centre during their free time to develop their study skills.
  • take practice tests under exam conditions
  • have regular monthly tutorials with their teacher to discuss progress and future study.
  • have up to 2 hours of self-study per day.

Preparing for the Cambridge CAE exam:

  • Your teachers will help you to develop efficient exam techniques and give you relevant structured exam practice. You will also have practice tests under examination conditions with feedback from your teachers on your exam.
  • The Cambridge Advanced English course covers all exam papers and areas, including reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will also work on your grammar accuracy and range of vocabulary.
  • You will also have a progress tests and student self-reflection discussions. Your tutor will work with you to set monthly goals and monitor your work. .

Other details

  • When, or before you join the course, you will take an mock exam to check that the Cambridge Advanced English course is the right level for you.
  • As our Wimbledon school is an exam centre for Cambridge English exams, you will be able to sit the CAE in the school’s exam centre after your course.

To see why you should take a Cambridge English exams see our advice pages..

You can check the level of the Cambridge Advanced English exam here.

Take a course for your Cambridge English exam in Bristol – one of the two best schools in England.

Prepare your Cambridge English exam with one of the UK’s best schools, based on their British Council inspection.  

Students have been coming to our Bristol partner school to prepare their Cambridge English exam for many years.  It is one of the few schools in the UK which still has classes for all the Cambridge exams from Cambridge First to Cambridge Proficiency.

What will I do on my Cambridge English exam course?

  • You work from a Cambridge exam course book. This covers the Cambridge syllabus and is the basis for your exam studies. You will get to know techniques for the exam and build up your overall level of English.
  • You have additional practice for the writing paper and other parts of the exam on 2 afternoons per week. On the other two afternoons you can choose one of the elective classes.
  • Exam practice is given throughout the course. You will do a mock exam 2 weeks before the exam date.
  • Most of the students, but not all, are exam candidates.   Some long-term General English students also ask to join the classes.

More information

  • You can do a pre-test for an Cambridge English exam course before you start the class. This will help you know exactly which exam you should be preparing for.
  • The Cambridge exam courses are usually 11 to 12 weeks. You can join a class for shorter periods when places are available, however, the minimum period is 4 weeks.
  • The course fees are the same as the general English fees.
  • The exam is taken at the local exam centre in Bristol. The exam fee is payable direct to the exam centre.

For more information on the different levels of Cambridge English exams, download our levels’ table.

Or read the article in advice for more information on Cambridge exams.

Prepare Cambridge C2 Proficiency in a top school

Choose our London, Wimbledon school to prepare your Cambridge C2 Proficiency in a dedicated class of proficiency exam preparation.

When you are ready to take the proficiency exam, you really are at an exciting level in your English learning. This is the highest level in the set of Cambridge English ESOL exams and shows that you are a highly competent speaker of English.

Our Wimbledon school has been preparing students for the proficiency for many years and has an experienced team of teachers that will give you good support and ensure that you are well prepared for the exam.

Cambridge Proficiency Course details

Everything is done to make sure that you progress well and you have the best chance of passing your exam.

Students study in a dedicated Proficiency exam preparation group with motivated students for 20 hours per week. This will include classes every morning, plus Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

You will also be encouraged to work independently ans to use the Study Centre to develop your study skills on your free afternoons.

There will also be up to 2 hours of self-study every night.

As well as class work and independent study, teachers will give you regular monthly tutorials to discuss progress and your studies.

  • To prepare for Cambridge Proficiency, you will study general English at post-advanced level.
  • Your teachers will help you to develop exam techniques
  • Classes include structured exam practice.
  • The course covers all the skills need at Cambridge Proficiency level: reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening.
  • All students have tutorials to discuss progress and future study.

** The Cambridge proficiency class may include some students who are not taking the exam.

Students should have a minimum English level of Advanced Plus (C1- C2). see more on levels here.

There is more information on why you should take a Cambridge English exam on our advice pages.

Students on an IELTS preparation course in London

Choose the IELTS preparation course London  – one of the biggest IELTS centres in the UK!

6 reasons to choose the IELTS preparation course London?

  • Our partner is one of the world’s oldest and most respected language schools.
  • It is now the largest IELTS test preparation and IELTS exam centre in the UK.
  • It offers some of the best IELTS courses in the UK.
  • There is a good choice of IELTS programmes, so there will definitely be one to suit you.
  • All the courses are taught by motivated, experienced IELTS teachers.
  • The IELTS test centre is part of the London school and you can book at any time during your course.

You can chooses from 5 full-time IELTS preparation courses to suit your level and the time you have available.

You can choose between IELTS preparation course London 15 hours or 20 hours.

You can start a course every 4 weeks.

IELTS Preparation Course London: 15 hours

This IELTS course:

  • is for students with an English level of B1+
  • has 3 hours per day
  • lasts 4 week or 8 weeks – you can choose
  • is taught by specialist teachers – many are IELTS examiners

When you do the IELTS test preparation, you will:

  • prepare a study plan with your tutor to work towards the score you need.
  • focus on the language you need to succeed in the IELTS test.
  • learn IELTS test strategies.
  • see each paper: listening, reading, speaking and writing
  • practise the IELTS in a test environment
  • prepare a personal plan for your IELTS exam revision

The IELTS Preparation Course London 20

You will do the same IELTS preparation course as above, but you will do extra classes to focus on the areas you most need to improve:

  • IELTS Speaking & Vocabulary
  • IELTS Speaking & Listening
  • IELTS Speaking & Reading
  • IELTS Speaking & Writing

IELTS Entrance Test

Crossroads Languages will send you an entrance test when you book your IELTS preparation course.
You must pass this in order to join the IELTS course. This will help you to be placed in the correct level class.

See more information on the IELTS test and how Crossroads Languages can help you.

See other IELTS centres.

IELTS online preparation course with your personal tutor!

Get more details

Are you taking the IELTS but don’t have time to do a course in a language school?
At Crossroads Languages we can help you to improve your IELTS band score. We work with an excellent IELTS online course designed by an IELTS specialist team.
It offers you two types of online IELTS course:
  • a, the essential  – this online IELTS course is designed to allow you to work alone. You cover the IELTS areas that you need.
  • b, the premium – on this online IELTS course you will have the support of an experienced IELTS teacher to help you work toward your goal. Your tutor will support you with your writing and speaking papers so you know you are well prepared for the test.
The IELTS online preparation:
  • Provides over 85 hours of effective, interactive study materials
  • Is available with or without tutor support (tutors are IELTS examiners or experienced IELTS teachers)
  • Helps you learn techniques to improve your band score
  • Is designed by IELTS specialists
  • Is tablet compatible (iPad and Android)
  • Offers a wide range of additional tools and features

Chester is a wonderful city for an Over 50s English course

Whatever your taste, whatever your interest, Chester has something for you.

You will discover historic mediaeval buildings, boutique shops, and fashionable cafés.

Chester is a heritage city that 50+ students enjoy. The history, architecture and tradition make Chester a leading tourist centre with many international visitors.

Chester is a medium-sized city – easy to get around and find everything, but never dull.

The School

Our partner language school opened in 1976. It is still run by the same family with the same excellent reputation for quality.

Today it is in the top three English schools in the UK, based on the British Council’s inspection – a guarantee that you have chosen an excellent school.

The 50+ English Course in Chester

On this English course you will practise your English, explore Chester and its region, meet new people from around the world and make new friends.
The course includes an English language course specially developed to use and build your English and a social programme.
The English lessons will help you to:
  • understand spoken English better
  • speak more accurately
  • be more confident in speaking English naturally
  • build up your vocabulary

There are three levels:

  • Elementary / Pre-Intermediate (A1/A2)
  • Intermediate+ (B1/B2)
  • Advanced (B2+/C1)

The Social Programme

The school has a special team to plan your visits and activities. Members of the school team accompany you on all the trips.

Each course includes:

  • two afternoon events and one half-day excursion each week
  • one full-day excursion on the weekend in the middle of course
  • an optional weekly evening event at extra cost.

Visits will be to major tourist attractions including beautiful National Parks such as North Wales and The Lake District; or to towns and famous cities like Liverpool and Manchester.

There will also be “Meet the British” activities.

A great opportunity to learn English and socialise with more mature students

This is a special English course in our Chester school to give the 25-year-old + students the opportunity to study together in their own building.

25+ English Courses are short, intensive English language programmes. They are specially designed for students who have only a short time for their English course. Students learn English in small classes to make faster progress with English for everyday situations or work.

The 25+ Course is run in the Language Training Centre near the main school. It has good facilities, including iPads, Apple TVs and projectors.

There is a choice of courses:

  • The 25+ Course
  • The 25+ Combination Course
  • Courses for the Individuals (1 student to 1 teacher) or 2 students to 1 teacher.

The 25+ English Course

It includes:

  • English language work with a focus on Spoken English and conversation skills.
  • Lessons to develop your confidence in using English in both social and professional situations.
  • An adult environment in a building with only students over the age of 25.
  • Social events and excursions to help you make the most of your short stay in Chester.
  • A course that is designed based on a questionnaire you complete before you arrive.
  • Working in a small class with personalised learning.
  • Access to free e-learning programme, e-Chester

Welcome to our English courses in Chester – in one of the UK’s best schools

Have a first class experience learning English and enjoying your time in England.

Our English school in Chester is one of the top 3 schools in the UK based on its British Council inspection.

This family-run English school opened in 1976 and has been one of the very best schools in England for many years. The school owners and their team of professional and caring people are dedicated to giving you the best experience possible.

Living in Chester

  • You will enjoy living in Chester in a mix of traditional and trendy England.
  • Chester has something for everyone. In a short walk, you will discover historic, mediaeval buildings, boutique shops, and fashionable cafés.
  • You can find a 2 mile ring of Roman walls and a 1539 race track next to a modern sports centre or close to the coolest nightclub.
  • It is a medium-sized city – easy to get around and find everything, but never dull.

The Chester School

Our partner language school opened in 1976. It is still run by the same family with the same excellent reputation for quality.

Today it is in the top three English schools in the UK, based on the British Council’s inspection – a guarantee that you have chosen an excellent school.

Why choose our Chester English school to learn English?

  • The school is in the centre of Chester – a beautiful, historic city with a young and lively atmosphere and popular with tourists.
  • The Chester school is a Centre of Excellence and has been for many years.
  • It offers many different courses so you know they have the English course your need.
  • There is an excellent nationality mix with students from more than 50 different countries.
  • You can take part in a great social programme to discover Chester and the region.
  • Chester provides high-quality, friendly homestay accommodation as well as self-catering residences or hotels.
  • It’s easy to travel to Chester from several local airports. London is only 2 hours away by train.
  • Our Chester English school offers great value for money. The city of Chester has a fairly low cost of living with a high quality of life.

General English Courses in Chester

The school offers all levels of general English courses.  One of its most popular courses is the over 25s English course (see other course).

On the General English course in Chester you will:

  • improve your English in a relaxed and friendly learning environment
  • learn English to help you speak more easily and to be more confident.

Your morning English courses

  • In the morning you will use a course-book at your level. You will work with 2 teachers to develop your English language and your skills such as speaking and listening.
Your afternoon English courses
  • You will work with your teachers to choose the best option for you. You can change to option as you progress.
  • Options include activities to help you use English in your everyday life, in the workplace and in your academic studies.

Learn English on one of our quality English courses in Eastbourne – a top English school with great prices!

When you choose one of our English courses in Eastbourne you can be sure of great quality for money.

Our Eastbourne and Brighton English schools are ‘sister’ schools. You will have the same expert teaching and you will learn in the same friendly environment. they are both Centres of Excellence based on their British Council inspections.

Why take one of our English courses in Eastbourne?
  • You will be learning in one of the best schools and saving money on your English course and accommodation.
  • You will live in a beautiful English town by the sea in the south of England.
  • The school is small and friendly and you can be sure of personal attention.
  • It is in the centre of town just 5 minutes from the beach, the shopping area and the station.
  • Eastbourne has activities to suit everyone – no matter what your age. The school has an ‘excellent’ social activities programme.
  • You are close to London, international airports and ferry ports.
  • You can combine English courses with a good choice of options: golf, horse-riding, tennis, yoga or water sports.

General English Courses In Eastbourne

  • There is an English course for everyone from beginner to very advanced
  • You will learn the English that people use everyday
  • You can choose an afternoon option to help you with English for work, study or travel.

Organisation of the General English course

  • 20 general English classes (15 hours) in the morning + 1 or 2 options in the afternoon.
  • 1 option is 5 extra lessons per week. 2 options is 10 extra lessons per week.
  • Options :
    English course + Work
    English course + TOEIC
    English course + IELTS
  • You can also have an English course + individual lessons.

General English courses in Eastbourne Plus activities

You have your English courses in the morning and then on 3 afternoons you can do an activity with a professional coach.

You can choose from:

  • English and Golf
  • English and Tennis
  • English and Yoga and natural health
  • English and Water Sports
  • English and Horse-riding
On our English courses in Eastbourne you will also have:
  • meetings with your class teacher to give you study advice
  • regular evaluations and daily homework
  • course material and e-learning are included in fees
  • access to the Study Centre after lessons

If you need more information which English course to take, you can read more information here – Which English course is for me?

If you want to take a Cambridge English exam, you can find out more at 7 good reasons why you should take a Cambridge English exam.