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When I learn a new language – what will my course be like?

Today when you learn a new language – English, French, Spanish etc. – you will learn in the same way – only the language changes.

You will:

  • use the language – you will focus on speaking and understanding.
  • learn the language with people who are the same level as you.
  • be in a small class with other adults. Classes usually have a maximum of 12 students. You can also choose a mini group or work alone with a teacher.
  • have friendly, qualified teachers who know how to help adults learn a new language.
  • have fun with other international students all learning together!

In class:

  • you will work in pairs and small groups so you are using the language as much as possible.
  • your teachers will use creative methods which include games, role-playing, problem-solving discussions to help you use the language in ‘real’ situations.
  • your teacher will use the new language your are learning to give the lesson. In an English lesson, the teacher will speak only English, in a Spanish lesson the teacher will speak Spanish. This is sometimes difficult for some students at first, but students quickly adapt and feel comfortable.
  • your teacher will be careful to speak at your level.
  • you will build all the skills you need to learn a language well – listening, speaking, reading and writing – but in most courses the emphasis will be on speaking and understanding.

How many hours will I need to learn a new language? How many hours will I study on my language course?

Learning a language takes time. There is no magic method, but you will make steady progress on all our language courses.

On a language course the number of hours is quite flexible. You can usually choose from:

  • a standard language course of 15-20 lessons a week
  • an intensive language course of 25-30 lessons a week
  • private tuition where you work alone with your teacher and decide the number of hours you want to study
  • a combined course of group and individual lessons

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Learn a new language - In the English classroom

Learn a new language - In the English classroom

Today, you don't learn about English, you use English!
You will work with the other students in pairs and little groups.
You will try to speak in English.
In class your teacher will speak to you in English.

At first it may be a little strange but you will soon feel comfortable speaking English.

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