Business - Crossroads Languages

Learn a language for work

Who are professional courses for?

Everyone who needs a foreign language in their work!

We can provide specialist courses for any professional: the busy executive, the young professional, engineers, doctors, lawyers, or personal assistants.

Please contact us. We will prepare a choice of programmes to suit your needs at no additional cost. We guarantee you will pay only the school’s published prices.

We Offer:

  • Business English courses in the UK and English-speaking countries around the world
  • Business Spanish in Spain and South America
  • Business French in France and Switzerland
  • German for professionals in Germany and Switzerland

How will I learn ?

  • The courses are designed especially for professionals.
  • You will not waste your time with language you’re not going to use, or tasks you’ll never carry out.

Before you start

  • Before you start your course, the trainers will conduct an assessment to see what you need.

The Courses

  • Courses are practical and relevant.
  • You will be working with other professionals from around the world.
  • Groups are small.
  • You can choose one to one lessons to help you make faster progress.

A personal service

Crossroads Languages is a small agency that takes pride in offering a personal service to all our 'clients': we make sure that everyone finds the language programme to suit them best.