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Can I learn a language and do an internship or work?

Yes, our schools can offer you an unpaid internship, a paid job or au-pair work, but there is always a language course ……

You can learn English, Spanish, French or Italian and do a work programme in:

  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy

Since Brexit, it is no longer easy to do an internship in the UK. Only a few organisations can offer these work placements and costs are fairly high. Please contact us if you need to do an internship in the UK. 

Language course + work – What can I do?

  • Unpaid international internship
    We can find you a quality English language course, or another language course, followed by an internship in a local business. This will give you valuable work experience and you can practise your language in a professional context.
  • Paid work in hospitality jobs – hotels, restaurants
    In popular tourist destinations our language schools can also organise paid work in hotels or restaurants.
  • Au pair or demi pair
    This is a great opportunity to learn a language, earn a little money, and take a real part family life in a new country. Au-pairs live as a member of the family.
    They help with the children, do light tasks in the house and teach the children their language.
    You will not pay your accommodation and you will get a little pocket money.

Unpaid Internships

You combine a language course with an internship in local companies, usually in the same area as your studies.
The work will help you practise your language while learning the skills you need in the work place.

*This is considered to be a training period and is not paid. The minimum programme is usually a 4-week language course followed by a 4-week internship.

*Advantage – The school will provide support during the student’s internship. The student can also keep the same accommodation during the language course and the internship, and take part in all school activities.

Where can I do an internship?

We have:

  • five centres in Spain for Spanish with an internship
  • two centres in Rome or Milan
  • three centres for a French internship in France
  • For students who want to learn English, we have English and Internship programmes in Ireland, the US and Malta. Programmes can also be arranged in Canada and Australia.
Some schools also offer unpaid internships without language courses.

How much will it cost?

Each language school has its own price for the language + internship programme.
You will pay for:
  • the language course
  • accommodation – in a host family, residence, or shared house or apartment
  • placement fee – from around £400

But please see details for each school.

Au-pair in Dublin

Je suis très contente d'avoir fait appel à Irene Cros pour mon projet! 
Elle a été a l’écoute, a su me proposer une solution qui correspondait parfaitement à mes attentes au niveau du pays, de la ville, de l'école, des diplômes, du logement,...Une fois sur place, elle a toujours été joignable, réactive et bienveillante.
C'est en grande partie grâce à elle que je vis une aventure exceptionnelle et enrichissante en tant que demi pair a l'école ATC Dublin!!